Our Designers

Paviom has had the honour of working with some of the world's top designers, resulting in unique products that draw inspiration from some of the most notable artists in history, as well as aspects of the natural world around us that have been instilled with our passion for sustainability.


Terence Woodgate

“I have always been considered obsessive in the way I design; now I have the opportunity to influence every single aspect of the final product right down to the instructions and the box. It is simply fueled by a desire to make the whole experience more pertinent and beautiful.”

Click here to see how Terence Woodgate's outstanding bollard designs were included in a 2.5 million pound refurbishment.


Jason Thawley

“Light is all around us. Its the fundamental thing of the universe. Its a great thing to work with and design around."

Click here to read about how Jason's Lofoot design for Paviom won a RED DOT award in 2011.


Jonathon Coles

“I work with light, but I don't see myself as a pure lighting designer. I rather see the lines as blurred between architectural lighting design, light art, light installations etc. I'm very interested in nature and flower forms, such as their repeating elements which give us the beauty within their form."

View the specification of Jonathon's unique Strobilus and Rombilus pendants.