Mondo Arc magazine, one of the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world, in collaboration with Light Collective, enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in 2014 with the launch of the DARC Awards: A unique event aimed at including lighting designers, architects, interior designers and manufacturers in all manner of applications.

In a short time, the event became an absolute must for anyone in the lighting industry. As winners were decided by vote, the DARC Awards became known as a collective celebration of the industry as a whole, inviting all manner of lighting application products to be included.

On September 24th, The DARC Awards 2015 kicked off with an even bigger bang than last year, and Paviom is proud to say that we had one of our products in an entrant selection category: “Lighting Designers’ Favourite Architectural Lighting Product – Exterior”

That entrant was the LoFoot Generation 2; The 2nd generation of our previously-award-winning Lofoot Projector and In-ground Up-lighter Range.

While Paviom was not destined to nab the coveted award (a well-deserved honour that went to LED Linear UK’s ‘VarioLED Flex VENUS’ strip), we were entranced by DARC’s incredibly jovial party atmosphere, with cheers and friendly jeers being made throughout the night from all attendees, winners and runners-up alike.

This bath was the perfect place for us to drown our sorrows after not winning!

We at Paviom congratulate all the winners and offer a hearty pat-on-the-back to all involved in the organisation of this fantastic event. We can’t wait for next year’s event for more friendly competition, drinks, fun and fine company.