Aeropostale in Mexico

Paviom supplied its new Domina Spotlights (complete with the Megaman TECOH 24w R9 MHx LED modules) for the illumination of the Mexican Liverpool store chain Shop ‘n’ Shops, as part of the US teenage clothing brand Aeropostale which is rolling out across Mexico.

Paviom in conjunction with strategic Mexican partner Lightmex, has been providing lighting to Liverpool stores for 4 years. Paviom & Lightmex were brought in to develop a possible lighting solution for the new Aeropostale shop ‘n’ shop interiors. Simon White, General Manager of Paviom says “We were invited by Liverpool stores to demonstrate the potential energy savings and effectiveness of LED lighting. We decided to combine Paviom’s Domina track lighting solution with Megaman®’s 24W R9 TECOH™ MHx LED modules, to achieve the vibrant, directional lighting that this scheme required. Following a demonstration of the lighting potential to Liverpool, we were asked to prepare a store mock-up to show the lighting in-situ.”

The mock-up was carried out in Liverpool’s Mexico City Polanco store and included the track and ten fittings alongside existing metal halide lighting. The LED spotlights were next to the existing metal halide fittings. The items lit with Megaman’s TECOH Generation 2 MHx 24W R9 (3000k) LED modules appeared significantly visually brighter than those lit by the existing 

35W metal halide lighting. In fact, the new LED lighting actually made the clothing lit by the metal halides look drab by comparison. We were all surprised by the difference and within a matter of minutes, the team from Liverpool stores had decided that the light quality of the LEDs was worth the investment.

To date 8 stand alone boutiques and 24 double corners (shop ‘n’ Shops) for both men & women have been opened across Mexico with Paviom Domina track mounted spotlights utilising the Tecoh 24w MHx Megaman LED module. 

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