At the end of October after visiting the Hong Kong Lightfair, I took a side trip to Perth Australia to attend the gala opening of Lighting Options Australia's newest showroom. Paviom and I have had a great relationship with LOA & Ben Connick for over 5 years and this event was the latest in a string of successes we have enjoyed with the team. 

The Perth showroom features the very best designs from all around the world and our beautifully designed Paviom Strobilus is a key part of the showroom display, due to its dramatic silhouette and extremely large size. The Strobilus was designed by renowned product designer Jonathon Coles. which makes the pendant one of many world-class designs Paviom are proud to produce. We also supported the event with the latest Paviom Aptus (Terence Woodgate) & Lofoot (Red Dot Design Winner) fixtures which are now lovingly displayed in the new showroom.

The event opened with guests entering the showroom on a red carpet. As we entered, we exchanged looks of awe at the lavish interior and products on show, as well as the swathes of party staff members ready to bestow goodies upon us. Indeed, no expense was spared on this lavish opening as champagne, hors d'oeuvres, beer and fresh fruit were on offer from numerous waiting staff and bartenders, with live music playing throughout.

s the evening went on we were treated to an extravagant display of ceremonial dragon dancers as they thrashed about the entire showroom and shocked guests in mock attacks. The funny thing about showrooms as high-caliber as this, is how you are bombarded with different tones of artistic installations everywhere you look. Throw in giant colourful dragons, a bout of jetlag, an Australian "winter" heat and a few glasses of local Amelia Park Cabernet Merlot (@ameliaparkwines) and you start to get rather discombobulated!

Luckily I was surrounded by good company to ground me in reality. It was great to reconnect with friends from Lighting Options Australia and to meet new faces as everyone was in high spirits. LOA love to say "let’s start a new conversation" in most of their correspondence and online posts - I can attest that this is true in person too, as we were buzzing with ideas, awash with inspiration from the showroom's delights.

If you too wish to "start a new conversation" with either Paviom or Lighting Options, send us an e-mail at or respectively or connect with Paviom on LinkedIn and Twitter to see what else we are up to.