We are very proud to introduce our newest team member and Project Sales Engineer: Vijay Vaja. 

After earning a degree in Product Design, Vijay began his career by working in an independent London showroom, specialising in high-end lighting brands such as Swarovski, Bocci, Flos and Font Barcelona to name a few.

Vijay excelled in this position as he always recognised world-class design when he saw it, yet would always consider a product in relation to it’s proposed surroundings, in terms of placement, suitability and technical requirements. In his own words, Vijay is “very passionate about the practical aspect of design, not just the concepts.”

It was during his time in the showroom that Vijay came to get to know the world of lighting and what makes such a product special, training his eye and mind to recognise the difference between light that takes away from an environment and light that enhances one – a concept that falls in line with Paviom’s own philosophy.

While his experience in the showroom was highly valuable and gave Vijay his introduction into lighting, he found that he quickly became enamoured with the world of architectural lighting in particular. With this new interest, he sought a way to begin making a mark in that industry – not just in the UK, but around the world.

Some of you may have already had the chance to speak with Vijay, but if you would like to welcome him to our team or ask any questions, you can reach him at  vijay.vaja@paviom.com.