As part of Paviom’s continuing relationship with e-Luminate festivals, on the 31st of October Vijay Vaja attended their latest event – The Light Lab – with our famous Tubelite in tow.

The Tubelite is the world's first lighting system specifically designed to work with scaffolding key clamps. This robust LED light source can be combined with over one hundred different key clamp components to create any number of self-illuminating structures; such as handrails, barriers, shelving or even goal posts. Click through to see Vijay's thoughts on the event!

In the past the Tubelite’s key clamp functionality has been used for a football goal. On this occasion, Paviom utilised that unique system to construct a bike rack, complete with our own fixie bike to accompany the display. Since the Light Lab was attended mostly by families with children (about 350 guests in total), we wanted to show the Tubelite in a form that would appeal to them and their lifestyle and we felt that the goal might encourage the kids to play ball games indoors (always a no-no).

While I was a little worried that the kids of today’s age would be too focused on their iPads or Call of Duty to bike as much as I did when I was their age (don’t I sound old), I was delighted to see that there was an enormous amount of enthusiasm over our bike rack. The awe they felt at the simple addition of a light to an every-day social structure was so encouraging, and the question I was continually asked was “When is my town getting them?” - don’t worry. We’re working on it kid!

This Light Lab event was one of many in the International Year of Light (IYOL), a year-long drive to bring the evolving wonders of lighting technology to communities around the world, focusing on those outside the lighting industry. The IYOL is promoted by UNESCO which also celebrates heritage sites all over the world, so it means a lot to myself and the team at Paviom to be involved in an event with such genuine celebration. e-Luminate have put out a video showcasing the Light Lab (keep your eyes peeled for yours truly) which you can see by clicking here.

The Tubelite is unique in Paviom’s catalogue of products as it was born from a community-driven project by our partner Tom Jarvis. In fact, the newest edition of The Lighting Journal has a feature article that details the inspired story of the research and development of the Tubelite, which you can view by clicking here.

As a new member of the Paviom team I am greatly looking forward to displaying the Tubelite at other events, including upcoming e-Luminate events in 2016, as well as helping bring the Tubelite make it’s mark in the lighting industry now that it is commercially available to architects and lighting designers.

If you have any queries or would like to learn more about the Tubelite, I’d be happy to speak with you. Feel free to call me on +44 (0) 7473 964 812 or contact me by e-mail at