Landscape architecture firm Dan Pearson Studio recently installed the visually striking Strobilus major pendant from lighting specialists Paviom. Designed by Jonathon Coles, the Strobilus major takes inspiration from the open pinecone and utilises 100 leaves made from 100% recycled paper pulp mounted on a recyclable body.

The overall effect is a soft and organic shape that brings a warm and pleasing ambience to the studio.

Dan Pearson Studio has an International reputation for garden design excellence. The team at the studio specialises in horticulture, an intuitive approach to the organisation of space and the practice of ecological and sustainable design principles. It is for these reasons that the Strobilus lamp was an obvious choice for the studio, which had been looking for a nature-inspired pendant for some time.

Dan Pearson Studio is located in a converted Victorian Board school with bare brickwork and white painted brick walls and the Strobilus major lamp now defines the meeting room area bringing an element of nature and wow factor to what was a relatively blank canvas.

Drawn from nature itself, the instantly eye-catching Strobilus major is a sculptural organic design with a strong environmental focus. Formed entirely from recycled paper pulp, the carefully arranged leaves, which spiral as they would in nature, diffuse light beautifully and reduce glare. Each textured leaf individually warms, shifts and softens bright light so that space is illuminated naturally and efficiently.

Huw Morgan, Managing Director at Dan Pearson Studio commented: “The Strobilus pendant has real sculptural presence in the studio and has elicited many positive comments from visitors. The environmental credentials of the pendant were a real bonus as our aim was to utilise lighting that was striking and met with our own sustainable design principles."

The Strobilus major measures 1050mm in height and 895mm in width and is available in two standard finishes: natural paper pulp and pure white, the pendant can also be produced in bespoke colours using natural dyes. In addition, a downscaled version of the pendant is available called the Strobilus minor, which features leaves that are shorter in length and greater in number than the Strobilus Major.

For further information on the Strobilus visit or call Tel:01293 804688 to request a copy of the Paviom brochure.