Dart Marina Hotel, UK

In 2015 Dart Marina Hotel & Spa underwent a huge £2.5 million refurbishment. As well as overhauling numerous rooms, they also completely re-designed the surrounding landscape. This refurbishment was the latest in a 10-year long transformation that saw the luxurious hotel become a premier luxury location in the idyllic British county of South-Devon.

As a part of the re-design of the landscape’s architecture, Paviom is very proud to have several of our product ranges selected to adorn the burgeoning new space. Our ORNO LED MINI T in-ground luminaires and our Red Dot Design Award-winning LOFOOT fixtures are carefully placed around the hotel and marina grounds. Fittingly enough for a hotel by the water, the Lofoot is cast in marine grade aluminium.

We are especially proud to say that the APTUS BOLLARDS were chosen to adorn the outer deck of the marina, in order to illuminate the pathways of sailors returning from a day upriver or at sea.

The Aptus is one of Paviom’s most prestigious products. Terrence Woodgate, who recently placed #39 in the Top 200 Influential Designers, provided the design for the Aptus, as well as other Paviom Products.

Terence’s design was inspired by the works of Eduardo Chillida, a Spanish Basque sculptor notable for his monumental abstract works. In particular, the Aptus evokes the look of Chillida’s famous Berlin sculpture, seen below.

“The Aptus was indeed inspired by the Chillida sculpture, who I’ve always been a fan of”, Terence comments. “I believe that as designers, we are also filters. We see these shapes and forms and they inform our decisions.”

The world-class design and pleasing light output aren't the only factor in the Dart's decision to choose the Aptus. From a material standpoint, the Aptus Bollards are the perfect choice for a marina. The Aptus is constructed with Cor-Ten Steel, also known as weathering steel. Cor-ten is a steel alloy developed to obviate the need for painting, by forming a stable rust-like appearance once exposed to the elements. Due to the chemical composition of the alloy, Cor-Ten exhibits increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion because the steel quickly forms a protective layer on it's surface. 

Cor-Ten Steel is widely used in the marine transportation, construction and bridge building industries. It is also popularly used in outdoor sculptures and architectural facades & cladding to give a weathered appearance without the loss or degradation of structure. On a dry, sunny day, it is brightly oxidised and so appears almost orange, whereas on a wet day, it takes on a dark and mellow shade. Although the Aptus is angular & crisp in form, due to the cor-ten steel material conversely it’s also soft & organic at the same time

As the Aptus Bollards are covered with the same material given to ships and bridges, the marina’s suitability simply cannot be questioned. Paul Downing, General Manager of the hotel commented that the bollards were "a great fit" for the marina, and that he is very satisfied with how they accentuate the features of the marina's new design.

The Aptus Bollard range comes in a variety of configurations, including single and double-headed fixtures, as well as steel plating.