Strobilus Minor

Strobilus is a sculptural organic design which brings a new architecture to high output low energy lighting. Designed by Jonathan Coles, Strobilus is inspired by the form of an open pine cone.

Although ground-breaking and striking in its design, Strobilus is reassuringly comfortable in appearance. Formed from 100% recycled paper pulp, the carefully arranged leaves, which spiral as they would in nature, diffuse the light beautifully and reduce glare. Each textured leaf individually warms, shifts and softens the bright light so that the space is illuminated naturally and efficiently.



100% Recycled paper pulp - The formulae for the molded paper has been engineered to give strong, flexible parts which still retain their full recyclability.

Mounting options

Wiring kit box with 2m or 5m silver fabric twisted cable and three suspension wires with adjusters. 


Strobilus is offered in two standard finishes, natural raw pulp and pure graded white. Special colours are available on request all using natural dyes.