Multus Short Arm

Multus is a 45 degree, ellipsoidal bollard designed by the international award-winning product designer, Terrance Woodgate.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the lamp head seamlessly rotates on an axis of 45 degrees to the body, and thus permits the specifier to utilise Multus in applications not normally associated with an illuminated bollard. The lamp head can be rotated in increments of 10 degrees and locked in place up to the vertical. This versatility allows the specifier to light a pathway or tilt on to steps, illuminate landscape areas or softly light facades – in fact, the uses for Multus are endless. Electronic Metal Halide ballast or LED driver housed in plug & play gear tray & lamp housing, that slides into position in luminaire head.



Extruded Aluminium.


Akzo Nobel powder coated finish.