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A wide selection of award-winning outdoor lighting fixtures, perfectly fit to adorn every variety of natural and architectural landscapes.

Inside Lighting

Our stunning range of luminaires for commercial, retail, office, hospitality and residential lighting, all ideal for any lighting or interior designer.

Case Studies

Take a look at our finest examples of how we have brought spectacular lighting to locations across the world.

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Welcome to Paviom

We are an award-winning architectural lighting company.

Our designs have been created by some of the world’s most influential designers including Terence Woodgate, Jonathon Coles and Jason Thawley.

Paviom was born of a passion for lighting. A belief that light should enhance an environment not pollute it, and that lighting is at its best when we barely notice it. From passion evolved a philosophy, core values, a shape and structure for what we wanted to be.


Meet the designers

Designer Jason Thawley
discusses the process of designing the Lofoot range of energy efficient luminaires.

Designer Terrance Woodgate
takes us from start to finish – conception, conversion and construction.

Designer Jonathan Coles
talks about working with Paviom on his unique commission, Strobilus.